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Aak Ankura

Galactic Senator

Leads the entire Galactic Capital to war whenever it is required to maintain order in the cosmos.

Aak is known for his strength and the ability to withstand cosmic challenges. His title is "Ankura", which translates to "The One Who Leads". He is known to be a great leader, often leading the charge in battle.

History has it that when Aak's mother was giving birth to him, the gods visited her, giving him strength, with the condition to unlock it being - challenges. For Aak, understanding the condition took him a very long time as his parents were not permitted to disclose the information to him. As he grew older, he began to experience the strength of the divine as he faced life challenges.

Aak has the authority of the Loyalist Committee to ensure that members of the Konto species stay loyal to the culture of the capital. 

With regards to the security of the Capital, Aak represents the Council and provides periodic  intelligence to the Imperial Ruling Council regarding the affairs of the Capital.



Aak Ankura

Biographical information

Home world

Galactic Republic

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1.87 meters

Hair color


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  • Galactic Republic

  • Galactic Senate

  • Executive Separatist Council

  • Imperial Ruling Council

  • Loyalist Committee

  • Galactic Empire

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